Volkov Theatre (Russian State Academic Drama Theatre Named After Fyodor Volkov)

Yaroslavl is proud of the fact it is the birthplace of the 1st Russian national professional theatre founded in 1750 by a merchant’s son Fyodor Volkov & entitled by his name at a later date.

In former times the Volkov Theatre has trained and produced outstanding actors and actresses, who subsequently enriched St. Petersburg and Moscow stages. In Soviet period it was dignified as one of the leading regional theatres.

Since the 19th century it is situated in the centre of the city. The present building of the Theatre was built in 1911.

The theatre nowdays boasts both Russian and world classical and modern works. It is one of the headliners of Russian theatrical process, being awarded by the most prestigious Russian theatrical prize «Golden Mask». The theatre’s artistic director Evgeniy Marchelli recognized as one of the leading contemporary Russian directors.

Annually The Volkov Theatre organizes The International Volkov’s Festival. As well, it is the founder of the Youth Festival «Theatrical Russia’s Future».

The repertory contains lot of Russian & world classical plays like Chekhov’s, Shakespeare’s, Moliere’s, Ostrovsky’s pieces so as the modern Russian drama that is mostly hold on Chamber stage.

The main hall has about 900 seats. The main stage is one of the largest in provincial Russian drama theatres (upload the technical plans)

The chamber stage has 100 seats (upload the technical plans).

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